When we started our business in Bochum in 1997, as well as meeting industry’s needs of healthy meat, our mission was leading the way for the highest quality productions which makes an impression and reaching doner lovers through our premium and delicious products. With the ever-increasing goals and vision of quality, we have been making elaborate productions in our latest technology integrated meat plants and delivering our products from our warehouses in 3 European countries to the hotels, restaurants, cafes and catering companies in Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Poland and Sweden in superior quality and security conditions. We are ready to help you to attract more doner lovers with constantly improving systems and fresh ideas.


The most delicious form of meat
Our fresh and delicious products of carefully selected and premium quality meat, prepared with the highest standards of processing are delievered to you from our warehouses in Germany, Spain and France, in the best conditions of hygiene and quality. Considering doner as a “fine work”, we experience the pride of offering the most delicious and different presentations of doner to doner lovers through our valuable customers